10 Hot Trends in Software Development Industry

10 Hot Trends in Software Development Industry

10 Hot Trends in Software Development Industry

  • Posted: 29 February, 2016
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Few years ago, the Software Development Company India and Web Development Company India was trading with the java or the second possible language C++. But these day it has a great shift from old school languages to modern software development languages like ruby, python, objective-C, swift etc.

These are the top 10 hot trends in software development Industry.

  1. Mobile – On this digital landscape, the world is demanding the best possible Mobile experience. If the entrepreneurs or companies really want to mark its existence to the internet world, the speediest, compliant to mobile screen, and high resolution website experience is demanded.
  2. Analytical Tracking – For the efficient and result based and well to do project development, the analysis is a mandatory. Form analytics, heatmaps, session tracking, mouseflow, etc. are the few of the popular analytical tools available to check with the competence in Software Development Company India.
  3. Cloud – Most of the clients would prefer the cloud data storage as it easily connect them to diversified devices and also to their clients and system from anywhere, anytime. Its substantial innovation for Software & Web Development Company India. This safe and user friendly, “Cloud technology” is a boon for Mobile Application Development Company India as well.
  4. Single Page Applications – Single page applications load the HTML in a single webpage and develop the fluid and compelling user experience like desktop. It fetches all the codes CSS, html, JavaScript with a single page only. It doesn’t require reloading at every page. Indeed, appropriate resources are dynamically updated on the page load with the user interaction.
  5. Sensors – A sensor is an object, automatically detecting the changes occurring into the things around, for whatever it is already programmed for. It collects the data, process and provide the output. However, it’s now the hottest technology for the Software Development Technology India.
  6. Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet of the things is a network environment created with the confluence of physical things or objects such as sensors, servers, micro-electromechanical systems, internet connectivity, wireless technologies, cloud, etc. All object are identified uniquely and can be sensed in the network, collect, control and exchange the data, remotely.
  7. Security and Privacy – With growing trends of high connectivity and sharing globally, the menace of safety of data and security in much in the cards. Therefore software development companies are conjugating with the security needs with development.
  8. Big Data – A gigantic size of data is the bottom-line need of the hour for the IT Industry. But managing big data is not as simple, it’s a ponderous and inevitable job to do. Cassandra, Hadoop, Hbase, Python, Scala, Java, etc. are the latest trends of data management.
  9. DevOps Software Engineering – To develop an iconic client servicing business model, software companies are ardent to create a gangplank to connect the two shores- the developers and operations. So that the best servicing can be provided without any stumbling block. DevOps software engineering is the ruling trend of the Time.
  10. UI Engineers – User Interface Engineering is the part and parcel of the software development companies as well as Mobile Application Development Company India. Software companies are in high demand of user interface engineering excellence so that their back-end and front-end development can go hand in hand, also, their mobile and web applications functions seamlessly on multiple screens. Java script MVC framework, Angular.js, BackBone.js are the swanks of the software development companies India.
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