10 Reasons to go for Customise Website Design

10 Reasons to go for Customise Website Design

10 Reasons to go for Customise Website Design

Every business is unique and so does every business website. A lot of technical, non-technical aspects have to be considered for making a final decision to go for customized website design and hosting.

Distinct Identity

A customized website gives your business a personality of its own. Hence a custom website design and development with authentic logo, relevant content and high-end graphics and images make a website stand out. One which truly represents the soul of a brand.

Control and Security

A customized website is developed which fulfils specific business needs. Hence it has more independence and more control over navigation. A business website with generic website design and the free template cannot gain such control over navigation. Although generic and free templates can be edited and customized according to business needs; it is a time-consuming process and cannot fulfil business needs.

With a custom website, developers can add and/or edit various aspects which can be more suited for business processes and needs.

Flexible and User-Friendly

The biggest advantage of the customized website is its UI and UX. A customized website is easy to scale the development process and appropriate changes can be made as required. Developers working on a custom website set up a proper architecture while creating a roadmap of the site. The website can be customized on an on-going process or as when required. This helps to make suitable changes according to the needs of visitors and customers.

Search Engine Friendly

In terms of online marketing and SEO, a customized website has the added advantage that Google loves such websites and rank them higher in search results. Having an efficient code, your website is not only well off in performance, but the expert developers utilize industry standards and proven markup which boosts site exposure to search engines and help sure rankings.

Mobile Friendly

A customized website made by expert developers is fully optimized to be mobile friendly and browser friendly.

Focus on Customers

A custom website creates the quality presence of your business and turns it into a brand. Easy scaled navigation with a focus on customer expectations.

Size and Scalability

The size of your business determines the size of your website. And over a period of time, your business shall grow hence along with it, your website should also grow. A custom website will help you to expand your website as your business grows. Hence scalability is only possible with custom sites.

Easy to integrate with CRM and ESP

One very important advantage of a custom website over a generic website is that it is easy to integrate with any type of CRM and ESP.


Another advantage of a custom website is that your logo, trademark, content and other add-ons are all safe under copyright laws.

Higher Return on Investment

A custom website is very expensive to build. But over a longer period of time, as your business grows and as your website scales according to the growth, you will find that a custom website development actually helps to increase your revenue and hence provides a higher ROI.


For the obvious above advantages, you should approach good and reputed website designing and development agencies for creating unique, bespoke and custom websites for your business.

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