10 Signs You Should Invest In Website Redesign

10 Signs You Should Invest In Website Redesign

10 Signs You Should Invest In Website Redesign

Every business needs a website. Websites are prone to changes in algorithms of search engines. They are also affected by evolving technologies.

Following are 10 signs that tell you to invest in a website redesign.

Your business bottom line and model of operations have changed

Your website is the face of your brand. A good website enhances a brand reputation. Revamping and redesigning your website will help your brand to get a fresh look which supports your changed business bottom line and operational model.

Your website is not mobile friendly and does not connect to your social media accounts

20 percent are from mobile devices. 46% of people use their mobile device as their primary research tool.  67% of customers are more apt to purchase when a site is mobile-friendly. 50% of smartphone users say they visit a local store within a day of researching it, and 18% lead to sales. A good website design gives importance to social media integration.

Content Management and Update is difficult and tricky

The ranking of any website on search engines heavily depends on content development. If your website design makes it difficult to update fresh content on the website, then you should think of redesign of the website at the earliest.

Flash and Autoplay

Flash is an outdated technology. If your website still runs Flash, then you should approach a good website design company to develop your website. The major reasons for giving up Flash are:

  • It is not good for SEO
  • Website loading time is slow
  • Not optimised for mobile
  • Difficult to update

If your website autoruns any video or music as soon as someone lands on your website is bound to get irritated. Users and visitors desire to be in control of their website experience.

Website is slow

Any website which takes more than 3 seconds of loading time is a badly created website. 47% of buyers anticipate that a site page will load in 2 seconds or less, and 40% of individuals will desert a site that takes over 3 seconds to load!

Website is difficult to find on search engines and ranking on search engines is low

If you cannot find your website on search engines, neither will your users! A website designer will help you not only to revamp your website and its content. 93 percent of online experience starts with a search while 75 percent users never go past the home page. So if your website is not to be found in search engine results you will lose out.

Website is crowded and navigation is difficult

If your website is not aesthetically pleasing, then you should consider website revamp and redesign. A good way to improve your website in terms of aesthetics is investing in a good web designing company.

Visitors are bouncing off and not converting

Google Analytics shows the health of a website. If your visitors do not find value, they will not stick around and you will lose the opportunity of converting them into your clients.

You do not like sharing your website URL

If your business website is not found on the first page of search engines. And hence you do not like to share the website URL. This situation screams for a new website design and revamp.

Poor “Call To Action”

If your website lacks clear cues or uses an ineffective call to actions, then it won’t take long for visitors click off your page.


The above-mentioned reasons are the most common factors which make it essential for any business to revamp and redesign their website.

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