15 Features Every Small Business Websites must have

15 Features Every Small Business Websites must have

15 Features Every Small Business Websites must have

The most important asset for any and every small business is its website. The best website development companies in India and the World are known to create the best websites anyone can ask for. A consistent factor among all high ranking and large traffic attracting websites are the following 15 features.



Domain Name:

A domain name is the URL of the website. It has to be simple and easy to remember. Example: A website URL like www.212.549.344.com is difficult to remember than www.abcd.com.

Logo, Company Name and Tagline (if any):

Your logo is the visual representation of your brand. It is the identity of a company and one of the first things that people notice along with your company name. It helps people to remember you. Example: Apple Inc. logo.

A tagline describes the work that your company does in a few words.

Phone Number, Email and Call to Action:

The most important job of your website is to convert visitors into clients. I.e. drive sales. Your contact details such as phone number and email should be very much visible along with a “Call to Action” button which will lead them either to a query form or white paper or newsletter. A “Call to Action” button incentivizes your audience to take a definite action to better engage with your business.

Social Media Widgets:

Social Media has opened new avenues for small businesses both in the B2C and B2B to project their business to their audience effectively. 90 percent of marketers say that social media marketing has increased the exposure to their business.

The “Big Six” of social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest are the most preferred by marketers to promote their business.


Your website navigation bar should be clear. A clear navigation bar helps your visitor to easily manoeuvre through your website.



Above The Fold


Slider or Image:

A picture speaks a thousand words. This is exactly what you can do here. You can show the most important or differentiating factor or point of your business.

Crucial Business Information:

This is a must on the “Contact Us” Page. You can show a Google Map along with your mailing address, email and phone number.

Testimonials and Reviews: 

These can on the “Home Page” or “Resources”. These are crucial because they tell your success stories.


Below The Fold


Features and Internal Links: 

You can elaborate your product and service by asserting the features and USP’s. You should also put links to other important pages that you want your audience who has landed on your website to visit.




Contact Information, Business Hours, Social Media Buttons, Navigation, Sitemap, Chatbot: 

Your Footer reinforces your visitor to check out other pages of your website. Or persuade them to share your website if they liked what they saw. For Search Engines, the Sitemap is like a Menu Card of all the links and pages of your website. An online chat function allows your visitor to interact with you in real time.


Other Pages


About Us, Product and Services, Resources and Blogs:

These are the most important pages of your website and should be taken seriously.

The “About Us” page should contain your business story; who you are; what you want to achieve etc. It should talk about you and your business in brief.

The “Products and Services” page should focus on the products and/or services which your business provides. It should explain in details how your services and products can bring about growth and difference in your clients business practices.

Your other pages should also include “query forms”, “anti-spam features”, “privacy policies” page, and “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Privacy Policies page should contain disclaimers and set of rules by which you should declare your commitment to keeping your visitors, and customers information safe. FAQ’s page should answer all the probable questions which a first-time visitor or a first time client may have regarding you, your business or any other query regarding your niche.

Your “Resources and Blog” page should have a search function, which will help your readers to search for any particular topic. Social Media share buttons for easy sharing functionality on social media for your readers. Comment feature should be a facilitator for your readers to interact with your content. A sidebar on your blog page should list out the most popular blogs on your website, most popular keywords. Even a popular blog roll can be set up on this sidebar.


Other Design and Content Points


Font Size, Links, User Interface and Experience (UX/UI):

Your website is not for you. It is for your audience, customers and clients. Hence your website should be easy to understand, navigate and useful.

Your website font and font size should remain same throughout the pages. Apart from captions and headings, your website should look same content wise.

The links on your website should be active links. Both external and internal links should not be dead links that show “404” or “405” error or broken link messages. It hurts your traffic and ranking.

UI and UX are an important aspect of a good website. It is one of the most important features. Before you create a website, you can create surveys through www.surveymonkey.com to better understand what does your audience wants in a website. It also helps to pinpoint pain points of your customers.

You need to hire a good website designing and development company.


Internet Marketing



If you want to drive your search traffic and rank on page one of Google search results, SEO is a must.  SEO is of two types On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is essential for your website. Follow the 20 ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION SEO TIPS for more details on how to optimize On Page SEO of and for your website. The best website designing companies in India and World offer SEO services as a part of their development package.


A good server on which your website is hosted is an asset. There are 8 types of server hosting. A dedicated server on which your website is hosted is the best option out there.

A good Server/Hosting is fast and reliable. A good hosting server makes your website fast and loads quickly on a browser. It has an auto website backup feature and is secure.


Other Technical Aspects


CMS, Analytics and Schema: 

Your small business website should be technically sound.

A Content Management System on the backend will make it easier for you and/or your webmaster/internet marketer to manage and maintain your website.

Your website should have cross browser compatibility and has to be mobile friendly.

Google Analytics and Google Webmasters integration will help you track your website traffic and ranking.

The backend code of your website should be fast loading and optimized. A faster loading optimized code will make your website load faster on any browser. Along with an optimized code, browser cache will make sure your website loads faster every time.

Your website should have Schema codes. www.Schema.org will provide rich snippet integration.


So whether you have a website or planning on creating one; the above-mentioned features will greatly enhance your website bottom line. Before you ever consider developing a website, it is essential that you undertake a thorough research on the best website designing and development company.

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