5 Free SEO Tools To Help You Improve Your Website Ranking On Search Engines

5 Free SEO Tools To Help You Improve Your Website Ranking On Search Engines

5 Free SEO Tools To Help You Improve Your Website Ranking On Search Engines

  • Posted: 3 July, 2017
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Search engine optimisation can be a very difficult job for any Company. Thus, we can see an increase in SEO Agencies that are helping business to rank higher on Search Engines. Sometimes, the challenges become so real and difficult that any SEO would gladly appreciate a couple of SEO tools for the benefit of the work. It is believed that useful and handy tools to help SEO services are very expensive. However, this is a myth for nowadays some tools are available for free on the internet. These tools can help you with improving SEO for your website.

Google Page Speed Insights

This is a great tool for search engine optimisation as it helps to determine the speed and the overall user experience of a particular website. The URL for the blog or the website has to be entered and then the analyse button has to be clicked to generate the results from this tool. The result needs to be fixed if it appears in orange, red or both the colours. The tool also helps in outlining the required fixes and helps in optimising the images and leveraging browser caching. Hence, you can find this to be a very helpful tool.

Mobile-Friendly Test

This helps the user find out if a website is mobile friendly when they enter the URL of the website and then enter it. It also suggests some ways in which to optimise a website for mobile devices. The suggestion which it provides includes sizing the content to the viewport, making use of legible font size and sizing the tap targets in an appropriate manner. It makes it very easy for the user to make a website suitable for a mobile device.

Google Search Console’s Submit URL

Google usually adds some new websites to the index of the Search Console and also keeps on updating the existing ones constantly. This occurs everyone they crawl on the internet. Hence, it is better to inform them once a user has a new URL for use. Hence, once a new post has been made, or an article has been published Google has to be notified. The Search engine says that it usually will not add the submitted URL immediately to the database of the index. However, it will still increase the process of crawling and thus, will help in indexing the website. Hence, the index status will increase as the URLs are gradually submitted.

Keyword Tool

This is a free alternative to the Google Keyword Planner. It offers more than seven hundred and fifty keyword suggestions to increase the search engine rank of a website. The user may also choose the country to search for different keywords and also choose to filter out any negative keywords. The work may be done according to some suggestions or the common questions that are asked.

Open Site Explorer

It is a tool for link analysis. It provides a very comprehensive view of the backlink profile for a particular website. It includes the metrics of some page links for domain authority, established links and page authority among others. The home page can be used to determine the types and sources of the links too.

Please let us know if you know about any other SEO tools that can be added to this list.

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