5 Logo Design Trends in 2017

5 Logo Design Trends in 2017

5 Logo Design Trends in 2017

Each passing year the logo design trends shift but the ideology behind remains unchanged as logos are impression customers carry as the credo of the organisation. Logo design service providers keep an eagle’s eye on the diverging trends to sustain and offer everlasting efficient assistances.

The Minimalistic Logos – Simplicity is the Key:

The logo is the quintessence of an organisation. Simplicity holds the class which clutches the gaze of customers. In Minimalistic logos, importance is given to the purpose of the organisation while designing Minimalistic logos. Customers should understand the scope of the organisation with clarity and logo design companies focus on the same.

Hand Drawn – Mystique-Style Logos:

Converting the hand drawn designs to computers is a tedious challenge for all. Handmade logo exudes spell, character, and originality which cannot be created by any computers. A hand drawn logo inserts a bit of unusual and interesting personality of the firm. Hand logos are worth a Jew’s eye as innovation always marks its presence.

The Line Art – A Solid Discipline:

Flat pattern demonstrates precision and ease. Logo designing companies are fond of using clean images. Solid dark lines emerge and form an image to communicate the message to the customers. One of the sustained logos in 2016 as well. This pattern gives the shape and colour, the space to shine. Cool custom logo designs are emerging out of this trend.

Form Simplification – An Unbusy Business:

Logo design services have been studying the changes in logos of leading corporates. Mastercard, Airbnb rebrands their logo to remove clumsiness and design less busy and contoured images. Logos evolve to an effective face of the organisation. A logo redesign causes a financial impact and footprints on the brand image. Thus, it is important for logo design companies to consider #1 in the beginning.

Moving Parts – The Animated Affair:

Best kept in the last. One offbeat and unique trend in customised logo designing is designing logos with GIFs. An eye-catching element similar to cinematography is a moving logo which draws the attention. With the era of mobility and digitalization growing up this trend’s gaining popularity. You expect something to be calm and it starts making crazy moves, isn’t it thrilling?

The long-term vision and logo should be in congruence as organisations do not modify logos frequently. Once in the customer’s mind, it’s a big PR and marketing task to redesign self.

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