5 New trends in Agile Methodology

5 New trends in Agile Methodology

5 New trends in Agile Methodology

  • Posted: 13 July, 2017
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Web development is not merely designing a website and web application. It is much more; this development has the business perspective where programmers persistently tweak the technology involved to meet the specifications of the stakeholders. The scope of software development in India is vast and growing each day.

As a matter of fact, the internet has advanced swiftly in decades, so as the technologies have grown multiple folds over the time. Back then, top managements collect all the information and dictate the responses, it is but obvious that there used to be huge communication gap and thus, a mismatch in understanding between clients, programmers and executives. And hence, there used to be unprecedented bugs and new technology challenges to overcome. Moreover, this problem pertained to understanding and forecasting the users’ demand.

Software development in India, on the top of the sophisticated software, need to know functionality in the professional work environment to overcome hurdles and work efficiently. Web designing methodology is itself a field to be observed and developers should be aware of agile software development.  

What is Agile Web Development?  

Agile development teams use simplified and incisive methods to understand the user’s requirements. The work is broken into smaller increments to track the success and observe the performance and the sprints are continuous positive feedback loops to amend and take right actions in time to enhance the efficiency.

Agile methodology overview changed the way companies evaluate and execute the technology. There are many upcoming trends in agile methodologies, which help software development companies determine many factors for the growth of the company and the projects for the clients.

5 New trends in Agile Methodology:

Measurement of Enterprise agility and accountability

One of the upcoming and well-known trends of agile software development is quantification and accountability. Software development teams perform small measurements, understanding the results, and identify what is required.  The companies need to identify the gridlocks and perhaps moving on the same pathway, can enhance the ability of the firm.

Timely and constant deliveries

Long term goals are broken into short – term, focusing on user’s requirements and the target audience and the customer’s requirement. This helps software development companies to come up with creative ideas and focusing on smaller but relevant improvements to enhance the business value and relevance. It allows companies to lower the risk.


Ability to quickly adapt to the changes is the competitive advantage of the companies. Technologies, customer needs, and markets everything is evolving and advancing with passing time. The one, who will change, will sustain and grow. New ideas are encouraged and can be tested quickly. 

 Business values

A great business needs delivering the right business values. Risk, quality, and compliance are the key factors to measure the business agility. Agile methodology lets enterprise understand what works and what not. Proper prioritisation of assignments and sprint meetings provide the right inputs to closely align with the business. 

 Empowered Teams

One of the most important trends that follow is quintessential teams. The top management will encourage the team to achieve customer satisfaction, which is a key goal for almost every business to grow and sustain in the market. Agile development is fun! Very much exciting, an empowered team gathers day to day task, share challenges and prosper.

Agile methodology benefits business by not only improving the productivity but also saving cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

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