5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency for Paid Search

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency for Paid Search

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency for Paid Search

  • Posted: 18 August, 2017
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The most unfortunate thing about paid search is that this skill is the easiest to fake and over the years many such fake agencies have hoodwinked people. Hence, many businesses tend to distrust independent marketers and paid search professionals who know this skill inside out and outside in.

Following are the 5 most important broad groups of questions to ask. Each broad group has 5 sub questions which will help you to take a sound decision before hiring an agency for paid search.

  • Knowledge

Q. A. 1.  What can you tell about Google Algorithm changes and improved Adwords extensions? What are the recent changes brought about in paid ads?

This question is the most important question to determine the expertize of an agency and its employees. This question will tell you how much of an expert your Account Manager will be?

Q. A. 2. Could any ads network be connected to a CRM? How can it be connected? Can we optimize cookies to track unknown visitors through CRM?

Many businesses use internal CRM’s. Integration of paid ads with CRM is a pain point which only a real expert agency professional can answer satisfactorily.

Q. A. 3. How can Google Adwords and paid social ads be optimized? What are the factors to consider?

An expert agency will be able to answer this question in plain simple terms.

Q. A. 4. What is the best bid and budget management strategies or best practices for Adwords and paid social?

An expert agency will tell you precisely what strategies and best practices to use and will also tell about the probable outcomes from them.

Q. A. 5. What content and keyword optimization techniques can be used to maximize ROI of ads spend?

Every paid search ads can be optimized. Only an expert agency will know how.

  • Technology

Q. B. 1. What technologies do you use for paid search campaigns?

This question is to understand what technology stack will help your business leverage paid ads with the complete release, optimization and profit output consolidation and metrics.

Q. B. 2. What additional tech support will or can you give or provide?

An expert agency will always have additional tech support ready.

Q. B. 3. How will your technology align with our technology and give us success with paid campaigns?

An expert agency always does its homework prior to meeting new prospects.

Q. B. 4. How will you generate ideas and be creative in creating ads campaigns that will generate qualified leads?

Years of solid experience shows in their online presence and reviews.

Q. B. 5. How will your technology enhance our business conversion rate?

This is a subjective question and an expert agency will respond honestly.

  • Personality

Q. C. 1. What kind of personality does your company culture have? Will your culture fit with ours?

The answer to this question cannot be determined. But look out for red flags because of many agencies although an expert in the paid ads field, tend to lie to get the contract.

Q. C. 2. Can we meet your Project/Account Manager and team?

Usually, you should insist on this.

Q. C. 3. Are you a Google Partner? Are your employees Adwords certified?

This is a must question, as it allows you to be absolutely sure of what you are getting for your time that you spend.

Q. C. 4. What is your work ethics and best practices?

Many agencies are uncomfortable answering this, check for red flags.

Q. C. 5. Are you comfortable with limited budgets and monthly contracts?

It should be your call.

  • Metrics

Q. D. 1. Do you send full reports with analytics and analysis?

An expert agency will give you detailed reports.

Q. D. 2. Can we see your success stories?

Case studies will help you gauge the agency’s hold on the subject.

Q. D. 3. What sort of ranking and business increase can we expect?

This question will help you to understand the depth of expertize of an agency.

Q. D. 4. In how many months can we see tangible results?

An expert agency usually knows this answer and they will be completely honest about it.

Q. D. 5. How can you help me scale my business/company rapidly?

An expert company will give you a specific answer based on your industry.

  • Experience

Q. E. 1. Do you know our industry and our product/service? Have you worked with companies like us before?

An expert agency usually has vast experience with various industry domains.

Q. E. 2. What makes you different from your competitors?

Always look out for strengths and weaknesses against your research.

Q. E. 3. Have you worked with or are working with our competitors?

This question will help you to keep a tab on what you are getting against your competition.

Q. E. 4. How successful is your client retention rate?

A high client retention rate is a sure sign of a genuine expert agency.

Q. E. 5. What other problems can you solve?

This question will help you to make an opinion for future reference.

Over to you…

What do you think about what questions matter to ask an agency? An expert agency shall give best PPC ads marketing solutions.

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