8 Impacts of Web Design in Your Online Marketing

8 Impacts of Web Design in Your Online Marketing

8 Impacts of Web Design in Your Online Marketing

This world is a huge marketplace and your online presence is your face, to create a trustworthy brand among your clients and/or customers, the first thing you would ever need is an engaging website. Let me list down the major impacts that an engaging website design can have on your online marketing

Credibility: In today’s world, we don’t share our business cards anymore, we have our URLs to share. And when we talk about website its design, its look and feel are of utmost importance. According to a survey conducted by a top university, approximately 72% people judge about a company when they visit its website for the first time

A website that is just informational and not engaging can leave a bad first impression on your client(s) or a website too heavy to load and just full of irrelevant or complex design and content can immediately slash down your chances.

Engaging Crowd: A good Website design company can help you build your website that would keep the visitor engaged.

As humans, we love to judge and make opinions about things we see, and we don’t skip this in case of websites either. In today’s times when we stay online almost all the time, we find it really convenient to know about a company through their website even before we decide to engage with them in a business or as soon as we hear their name.

Lead Generation: A wisely designed website does not only mark your presence online, but also acts as Marketing material / Brochure / Presentation, Your website speaks about how seriously you take your business, A client can peep into your ideology just by taking a look at your website, so remember – an Uncluttered website says a lot about you.

Uptick in Search Engines: Reality check for our esteemed marketers – No matter how good your product is or how engaging and informational your website is, if it does not rank in top results of a search engine, you won’t have expected results or crowd. A search engine optimized website can bring you up not only on search engines but also in the eyes of your customers and help you in building the reputation among them.

Online Support to your Customers: Website can bring you closer to your customers and help you build everlasting and fulfilling relationships, Make everything that a customer might need easily accessible on your website and that’s all what they want from you.

Better Functionality: When we engage a Website design company in building a website they not only focus on how it looks but also on technical aspects for a smooth functioning of your website. Arranging the website in a logical way is the key

Website Design Companies can help you in designing and redesigning your website to keep your targeted crowd engaged and inform them about relevant information that can turn them into successful leads in future or at least present you as a trustworthy company in your first interaction with prospects.

Navigation: Navigation is the most important aspect that can either break or make the website, Positioning of tabs and information cleverly can help you target your audience and keep them engaged to know more about your company/products. So dear web designers- please don’t fall for fancy typefaces but try making it more interactive.

Read Minds: User testing will enable you to think like customer and experience the difficulties, struggles and expectations from a user’s perspective, conducting surveys can help you understand it better, tools like Google Analytics will give you useful data like bounce rate, time on site and other information that can be processed to understand your prospects/ visitors which would eventually result in better conversion of your leads

If you would like to add new insights to this post, then please mention it in the comment.

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