8 Reasons for not designing your Business website with a Free Website Builder Tool

8 Reasons for not designing your Business website with a Free Website Builder Tool

8 Reasons for not designing your Business website with a Free Website Builder Tool

  • Posted: 4 September, 2017
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Many websites offer customers to build their websites for free or at nominal one-time charges. Many commercials flash as the advertisements on the screens to attract the customers to create their own splendid website in few minutes only. The thought of creating websites for free is tempting as well.

Any business needs to value the user experience the most. Best Web Design Company stresses on the aspect as to attract the right audience and convert them into the active clients. Website Design and hosting are to be done in a manner to create the best user experience and smooth flow of the website. If the website is not good, and unattractive, or simply has the glitches, users will run away from your website and eventually the business will be impacted. To cut on the costs, these free website builder tools might sound attractive propositions, but what ultimately important is user experience and seamless website.

There is a catch here. The basic principle is if the free websites are good why not everyone does have the free one only? Many tools are available online but beware of the traps as it might kill the business of the clients who find it difficult to distinguish between the free website offerings and the real and search optimized coded HTML website. Professional designs and streamlined websites aid business to grow while the opposite can always harm it. Best Web Design Company suggests that all businesses should avoid the free website tools and such offerings at any cost. Here are top 8 reasons why one should never go for designing the business website with a free Website Builder Tool:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any business website. The user will search query on the search engine, and the results will be displayed. Now, this becomes extremely important for the customer that the business website should be reflected in the results and preferably at the high rankings. The designing of the website with these free Website Builder Tools is responsible for bad SEO results. The code doesn’t have the imperative attributes to rank the website rank better in the search engines. Best Web Design Company, however, builds the proper HTML website which is SEO friendly to show the website up in the results. Code control is something such tools lose out on as well.


The website designing and hosting are based on Flash and the search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. cannot understand Flash and these free tools cause the websites to slow down on the performance. Flash turns out to be unsafe and threat to the business. Best Website Design Company will never suggest Flash based websites.

Limited Features

Limited features and the functionalities is a major drawback. Every business aspires to grow, and once the business performs well, expansion is the first thought. Regular content update and blogs are difficult tasks to be accomplished on few of such tools. Extra feature or functionality would not be possible and starting over again clearly implicates huge cost and time investment. HTML websites for a growing business are diligently designed and thoughtfully planned to keep prospects in mind, and these tools pull away from such possibilities.   

Not responsive and non-mobile friendly

Website responsiveness and mobile friendliness are one of the critical factors for any of the online business to grow and attain more and more customers. These websites appear in abnormal dimensions on unconventional devices. The responsiveness is yet another standard ritual in the online business to be followed.   

Brand Value abates

Smooth and perfect user experience always backs up the great brand value and the opposite is also absolutely true. There is a high probability that the user is using the same template like any other user of these free website builder tools. Customers would never like this, and the brand devaluates. Unique and catchy designs are important to capture the online customer base.  

Structuring is problem

Proper website structuring is a good SEO practice. These one-page websites just mark their presence online but fail to mark their presence in the customer’s good books. A good hierarchy causes high ranking and better probability of occurrence in top search results. Best Web Design Company creates the website with a good structure which is not the case with free tools.

Business Diversification goes off the track

Websites will not be stunning and will not be unique just to make a bad impression and create trust issues. Similar templates will be an obstruction for business diversification. Customers want custom designed HTML websites and splendid yet distinct online presence.

Spammy Domain Names

The websites designed by free builder tools have spammy URLs which makes website shifty. Having quality offerings make the business stand out, and the original domain name makes the business stand apart. The fishy URLs by such tools devalue the brand name.

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