8 SEO Ranking Factors

8 SEO Ranking Factors

8 SEO Ranking Factors

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ranking is perhaps the very crucial aspect for the businesses these days. Google, Yahoo, or Bing has a significant role in the growth of the business via making the business visible to the audience. And Best SEO Agency in India focuses on enhancing the SEO Ranking of the website. Developing an SEO strategy can make the degree of slope for drawing customer traffic to the web page along with the rise in the sales and revenue.

There are hundreds of factors involved in the ranking of a website by the search engine. To boost the page ranking, best SEO Agency in India prioritizes these factors to attain maximum relevant traffic.

Top 8 SEO Ranking Factors:

  • Wise Content – Quality not Quantity

Strong content shows the search engine that pages are compulsive as well as encourages others to link to the web pages. This leads to high ranking as SE always pushes up the interesting and authoritative pages.

Pro tip is to write useful, informative content having the words or phrases that customers search for while hunting the products or services the business offers. And don’t confuse quantity with quality.


  • Back linking – Boost the SEO Rank

Backlinks from high-quality websites turn out to be wonderful results. The best SEO Agency in India concentrates on relevant and supreme quality websites to the business. In contrary, low-quality spam back links will not yield anything but can potentially damage the reputation.

There are very many affordable SEO companies in India but only the good ones will help you to stay away from negatives.


  • Page Speed – Faster the Better

Page loading speed is important for better user experience. Search engines majorly focus on user’s experience. The web page optimization leads positive influence on page speed and hence user experience. Desktop websites should ideally load in 3 seconds or less to rank to the top list. There are many tools SEO companies have, to boost the speed and the ranking.


  • Mobile Friendliness – A Good User Experience

Mobile optimization is yet another most important factor. The mobile responsive sites go higher on the list. Another pro tip is to not launch until the mobile-version is complete completely. Emphasis on completion is must; otherwise, it may hurt the ranking instead of the boost it was supposed to provide.


  • Be Social – Better Engagement Opportunity

Promotion on social media platform is dependent on shares as it has the tremendous potential to increase the traffic of relevant customers to the website. The correlation is positive. Frequent information postings on social media strengthen the brand image.


  • Positive Reviews – Worthiness of Business

Getting positive feedbacks from the visitors and audience proves the authenticity and shows the search engines that the website page has the potential to be rewarded with up ranking. Make sure the testimonials are genuine and positive.


  • Indexed Age – Old is Gold

Age is not just a number. The older web pages having the same content will be ranked higher by the search engines. Indexed age is the calculated from the date SE found the website page in answer to some query. Dormant pages won’t get the benefit of being aged.


  • Domain Factors – Keyword is the Key

Exact match domains are a sure way to make your website go to the top. If the domain authority is amid 50 – 60, the path is right to follow. Other factors such as Meta tags, sitemap, responsiveness, etc., play important role in placing the website on high rankings.

Best but affordable SEO Company in India will also tell what doesn’t work which is decisive to the companies.

Rome was not built in a day, so it stands true for the WebPages. Reaching to the Rank 1 is not an overnight thing. The SEO strategy needs continuous efforts and evolvement as the technology is advancing.

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