We all understand the inevitable significance of the applications into our life. Developing and maintaining the applications not only takes a lot of effort and dedication but also a considerable cost to the app developer.

Therefore the app monetization is decently justifiable. If you are an application developer, you can choose any of the below stated methods or any combination of them for your app monetization.

  1. In-app advertisement

This is a form of data-driven advertising space selling, and a most happening money making method used by most of the app developers. You can allow the users to download and use your app for free, collecting their information and sell this data to advertisers who can further buy the space of advertising on your application.

  1. In-app purchase

If your application is capable to make tye virtual good selling, then this can be a good option to opt for the app monetization. A vast scope is available to play as a sales channel between so many in-app buyers and virtual goods providers. You can make money by making profits on sales or charging some amount of sale as your profits.

  1. Paid-app Sell app in the app store

If you are enough confident of the features and significance of your application along with a strong mobile marketing team, you can opt for this strategy. You can sell your application to the app-stores or the users have to buy it to download and use.

  1. Freemium

It’s free to download and use but its premium features can be used only if the user download the paid versions. This is better over paid-app option if you want to get yourself marketed and noticed into the myriad of the mobile applications accompanying the monetary multiplication in the wallets

  1. Sponsorship

This is the latest app monetizing strategy in which you get clubbed with the advertisers. The advertisers will be paying reward to your users if they complete any pre-mentioned task within your app, and you will be benefitted with the certain % of commission on the amount rewarded. The aid for you is that your app users will also accelerate.


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