Biggest Digital Transformation Solutions For 2019

Biggest Digital Transformation Solutions For 2019

Biggest Digital Transformation Solutions For 2019

Sustainable Reinvention is what organizations are adopting for the past several years. The reason is palpable – driving profits and the digital transformation solutions have aided it. Digital transformation created a buzz in 2018, and so it is expected to boom in 2019 as well.

Digital technologies transform the process into more effective and efficient to meet goals coherently. Estimations suggest by the year 2025; the digital transformation will be contributing a value worth 100+ trillion dollars to the businesses across the world.

Digital marketing company India also have understood over the time that digital transformation is more about the people and management around it rather than just the technology. 46% of surveyed executives believe that the more than 50% of revenue will be generated based on the change.

What is Digital Transformation?

Having put so much buzz around the term, what do the sales focusing term – Digital Transformation means?

It is the change to mend the process, people, culture by use of technology for making the offerings of the organization significantly superior.  And, it is not only about the technology but the business processes and corporate culture, too.

The transformation solutions for the upcoming year contemplates the challenges from the past years. Hire SEO company India, to cut significant efforts by analyzing the insights. Here are a few trends which will be driving the business and the technology in the year 2019: 

  1. Top Management Innovation:

According to a report by Randstad, the post-digital frontier, almost 95% of the surveyed executives believe that they need a contemporary and different leadership, at the helm, to adequately address digitalization and the impact. The study also emphasized the traits that the administration should be possessing:

  1. They should be able to hold the people force linked and in the proper use
  2. Agile leadership which is digital-savvy
  3. Propel the innovation, continuous learning, and development
  4. Risk-takers

CEO reflects the change and drives the initiatives often, says MIT Sloan Mangement Review.   

  1. People, Culture, and, skill development:

Companies are focusing on people, who play an essential role to implement digital transformation. The deficit of skilled personnel contributes to almost 40% as the hurdle towards achieving these solutions.  The change needs a quick adaption and acquires the skills in right time. Identification and preparation of these transformation agents will ease the ascendible and sustainability of the organization in the coming year.

  1. Data Analytics will boom:

Data science is a critical aspect of any business. Organizations are better aware, and they are increasing their budgets by 60% for data analytics, Business Intelligence, and machine learning. BI and Analytics applications are being explored, and advancement in data science is much anticipated.

  1. Refined Cloud Strategy:

Enterprises around the globe are going multicloud, almost 80% of the clients are adopting cloud solutions. The strategy seems to be cumbersome and challenging for the organizations. However, this will be even more tusslesome in the real-time, multi-cloud environments in the coming year.

  1. Swift and better digital customer experience:

Priority of the customers always remain on the top, and so the Digital marketing company, India, is putting continuous efforts to improve the customer experience. Growth is directly proportional to better customer retention which in turn is dependent on excellent customer experience. Digital customer experience has a long road ahead. Business imperative will force the digital transformation into the system.

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