Challenges Encountered By CTO of Travel Company

Challenges Encountered By CTO of Travel Company

Challenges Encountered By CTO of Travel Company

  • Posted: 22 February, 2016
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The technology is definitely the thing keeping your business among the ranks but it’s only when the CTO can meet up the technology standards and the latest technology of the industry. It can be proven as a boon or a challenge as well. Here are some latest trends or challenges which, if adopted well with expert supports or with help of any outsourced technology developer, can let the CTO fill the pockets of the company.

1. Cloud and IoT

The trends of cloud based technology and adoption of IoT made the things more competitive for travel-CTOs. Being updated with the trends of travel technology 2016 and compliant to the same is an exaction to remain in competition as well as for keep up with business’ profit making transaction.

2. Mobile Devices

Web applications are getting more and more powerful these days. The data justifies that more than 80% of people are using the mobile phones only to browse internet. Thus, it becomes an obligation to make sure that the mobile web is providing the great user experience as well as compatible with multiple screen sizes and different gadgets like tablets or iPads. Auto reloading and seamless refreshing is another important trick to welcome and keep the traffic flow over site.

3. Social Media

Though, this is really uncertain to know that how much revenue is source from the social media, but the researches showcased that the response and productivity is undeniable from social media. When 70%+ internet users are having social media accounts and more almost 41% of social media account users are daily checking in the social sites. And especially for CTOs of travel industries, where the max portion of their business is coming from online business only, keeping pace with social media trends is pre-conditional.

4. Wearable Technology

CTOs of every industry are being challenged by the wearable devices which is one of the burning technology trend of travel industry 2016. This is grasping up the technology share after smartphones. After apple iWatch and Google glasses (2015) there are more to be launched in 2016. For CTOs it’s important that whatever technology strategies for travel industry they have to adopt in 2016, must go compatible with the wearable devices as well.

5. Virtual Reality Technology

Earlier this was the passion of gaming devices, but now entered and became the part of the technology of travel industry. The customers are getting smarter and technology is befriended to them. Now, with virtual reality technology the user can experience 360dgree real experience to the travel service and destinations they are looking forward to. For CTOs, this can be an added advantage if they can work on and be pliant to it. Else, they can consider it a challenge if not being up to the technology trends.

6. Customer Engagement Online

Just being available on e-commerce or social media is not just sufficient. The more important is how much cream traffic the CTO is able to get generated and hold on its site, application or online activities. There for it’s important to have good insights of online user behaviors.

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