IntelliPro Solutions Puts Employees First and Supports Other Businesses

IntelliPro Solutions Puts Employees First and Supports Other Businesses

IntelliPro Solutions Puts Employees First and Supports Other Businesses

Businesses all across the world are doing their best to adapt to and change with these times of economic uncertainty. IntelliPro Solutions Pvt Ltd is no exception. We are making a concerted effort to make sure that we are prioritizing our employees’ and clients’ needs, now more than ever. 

Due to this pandemic, we have implemented work from home policy and are trying to take measures to ensure the long term sustainability of our company. All team members are currently working from home and will continue to do so until the situation improves. This way, IntelliPro Solutions Pvt Ltd can ensure the safety of our team while helping to flatten the curve. 

We have always treated our employees as our family members and we are continuing to do so, especially given the situation. We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we do not have to lay off any of our employees in the near future. IntelliPro Solutions Pvt Ltd is providing our team with regular updates about the company’s condition amidst this crisis. Additionally, they will be investing in themselves and in the company by dedicating some time to gaining more knowledge of their respective field. 

Not only are we taking steps to help our employees but we are also making it a priority to support other businesses. One of the easiest ways to show appreciation for other businesses is by leaving them an online review. For example, we use Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, which has enabled our customers to review our services. Leaving a review for your service provider is not only a way to support them, but also a way to increase their visibility and improve their online presence

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One final change concerns the hospitality industry, with whom we’ve worked for a long time. In the current time, they have been badly impacted. That said, we are offering a number of large discounts on our website design services. Also, we are offering a reasonable rate to any of the companies that are in need of a .NET developer. If your business is looking for IT consulting services, contact us. We are open to working with you to achieve your goals, whatever it takes.

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