Digital Transformation Myths and Trends in 2018

Digital Transformation Myths and Trends in 2018

Digital Transformation Myths and Trends in 2018

Digitalization cam out to be the most supporting revolution of all times, on a global scale. Transforming businesses digitally, became an essential process for every small or big organization to add potential profits by hitting markets worldwide. Business owners hire SEO Companies in India, in order to get the required in help by providing the missing digital touch. Digital transformation has helped business owners expand, circulate and promote their brands among masses on a much faster rate with profitable results, much unlikely while following traditional business approaches.     

Read below are some myths and trends of digital transformation:

 The common myth that follows:

Completely transforming into a digital space, after following a traditional way of business processes for a long time, can bring worries for any business owner. There a few myths hovering around which need immediate addressing and correction.

Myth 1:

Small organizations, with the established business, does not require digital transformation.

It’s a huge created myth in-order to curb the growing competition in the market. Even if you an established and popular business in your area, do you not want to be recognized on larger platforms. Would you not want to stay ahead of time, while some new competition would be arising to challenge your reputable business.

Myth 2:

Converting into a digital platform would land into an expensive technological pool of nothingness

Do not get into the wrong idea that you will require massive technological advancement or need to invest in some heavy technological resource base in order to digitally transform your business. Rather, consult SEO companies in India for all your requirements and they will provide the best guidance needed for strategic digital transformation.

Myth 3:

Personalized Service is the key to the successful business

This myth was actually a profound and successful reality but in a non-Internet era. While digital transformation is knocking at your door-steps with opportunities of extended customer service, web footprints, robustness, agility and speed, business owners must understand that digital transformation is providing them much more, than just a personalized service, to their end-customers.


Top Trends of Digital Transformation 2018

With regular enhancement being witnessed over digital transformation filed, here are some trends being followed:

Trend 1:

Identity and access management on digital space

With growing digital transformations performed by the best SEO company in India, for all major and small projects around; there has been an increasing demand of ease in verification in the identity of users visiting digital businesses. A lot of process and strategies are being adopted to help business websites to identify their pro customers, once and for all, in order to promote comfortable business service.

Trend 2:

Mobile Digital Transformation

Business owners are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to complete digital transformation. Mobiles are the new big thing for business owners to target heavy profitable margins now and they are

hiring the best SEO company in India for their transformation into the mobile-based digital medium

Trend 3:

AI is laying benchmarks

Undoubtedly, Business owners have grabbed the right strings for new age digital transformation platforms. With Artificial Intelligence, Self-learning NLPs, Chatbot Messengers coming into new age, it’s evidently turning into the right spree of digital transformation for business owners.



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