Importance of Mobile First Indexing in SEO 2018

Importance of Mobile First Indexing in SEO 2018

Importance of Mobile First Indexing in SEO 2018

Mobile share in the digital space has surpassed any other digital media in 2018. The Mobile revolution contributes to the more than 80% market share in India. Google has recently announced some major twists in the new algorithm to take it on a roll – Mobile first indexing. If you weren’t paying enough attention to the mobile use, Hire SEO Company India, the best one, to cope up with the paradigm shift.

Mobile-first indexing will be advantageous to the websites which consider the mobile as their priority; this will be rewarding more traffic and fierce rankings on the web. And, this, if ignored, might hamper the traffic of your site.


Mobile is a game changer in the digital industry, ever since the smartphones boomed. Five years back, the mere mobile users from 524.9 million rose up to 775.5 million users. Google has reconditioned the algorithm keeping the mobile experience at the priority.

It simply means, if your site is optimized as per mobile first indexing, the website will rank high on both mobile and desktop. The smart business focuses on enhancing the mobile experience, where most of the users operate from.


The concept of mobile-first indexing is the improvising of the mobile user experience. The major shift is happening from the indexing the desktop website version to the mobile versions. The search ranking of a website is determinant on the mobile-friendliness of the website. The business out there would want to and would take care of the same. And Google has already started rolling out the changes for the users.


To achieve more revenues, more customer base, more market, the businesses are left with no choices but to be in accordance to the upcoming trends. Focus on the following three things, and get support from the Best SEO Agency India, to get high SEO rankings:

  1. Content – The priority

Content can never go out of the list when it comes to the high ranking of the website. Relevant, high-quality, informative content in a structured manner with the right tags and the keywords will always stay in trend.

Ensure that content across the mobile and the desktop version remains same along with the key features. So the value remains intact, that is what the users want.

  1. Mobile optimization – Cure to the boredom

Accessibility is the crux; the screens are getting compact and mobile. Best SEO Agency India ensures the optimization of the website which can handle more crawl rates. Higher engagement of target audience increases the probability of a larger customer base.

  1. Responsive website designing – Need of the hour

Quick loading, better performance, and flexibility as per the user experience will automatically take you up in the rankings with the mobile first-indexing. The changes are to be in accordance with the needs of the different users on various devices and more responsiveness of the website.

Google has already started rolling out the chunk of alterations, don’t wait till it makes the bigger shifts. Google making moves towards the Mobiles is the buzz, while, Mobile is the future and it is now.

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