Is Android Pay An Answer To Apple Wallet?

Is Android Pay An Answer To Apple Wallet?

Is Android Pay An Answer To Apple Wallet?

Mobile wallets are the latest wireless mobile payment system available for all android and iPhone systems. M-payment getting more convenient and quicker. After privileged featured offered to the apple users by apple pay, the Google brought the android pay for all other android smart phone users.

The critics opinionated that android pay is an answer to apple wallet. But some positive analyst says that android pay just brought the facility to equalize the amenity of all smartphone users as of Apple smartphone users. Here are the explanation, you make your opinion what’s the truth behind is.

How they work?

The functional methodology is the same for both the systems. They do create a virtual card to make the wireless mobile payment without indulging the actual bank details into the transactions. The users need to follow a simple registration process of their cards, use system and the android or apple pay wallet is ready to close a transaction.

Method of Communication

There is no distinction with it. Both systems are in with wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, using a small chip inside the device (mobile/tablet). Android has been using this technology for quite long while Apple adopted this in its technology since the introduction of IPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, near about last year only.

Stores acceptability

Both the android pay and apple pay, are adaptable limiting the country the user live in. Though they cover more than 7 lac stores in US. Again, following a similar perception of concentrating the back-end foundation, apple is concentrating more on the ground work while android is preferring to contract with other similar companies. But actually, they need to swiftly step ahead.

Accessible Device

Apple pay is accessible only by the apple 6 or apple 6 plus and further devices from Apple Inc. only. On the other hand android pay is serving all the android operating systems KitKat 4.4 or newer with the NFC chips, inclusive of mobile devices or tablets.

The security concern

The Google pay has already announced that Virtual card creation do not transmit any data and follow the high-security-standards by keeping the transactions between you and the mobile wallet. With launch of android marshmallow and apple pay both the mobile wallet pay system have embraced the system-level fingerprint scanner support validating device-side authentication.

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