Latest Trends in Web Development

Latest Trends in Web Development

Latest Trends in Web Development

These are the latest trends in web development India which any web developer has to follow to provide the best results to their clients for web designing and web development outsourcing India.

  1. Longer Vertical Scrolling Site

Longer scrolling sites is in the mainstream of web development outsourcing India trends. Users do not like to click for “next” and wait for the page to load. Scrolling is quicker and easier to get moved and hold whenever required.

  1. Ghost Button

The newfangled and groovy tool in web development outsourcing India among recent trends of website development industry. It’s truly handy to highlight and boos leads to the information or pages you want users to see.

  1. Visual Quality

No matter how much expert content you are providing on the site, if the visual quality is not admirable, it will lose further move and site-traffic. The user will simply shift to other websites. Therefore, High Definition and more overt visual is recommended.

  1. Gallery And Multimedia Share

Sharing photos, videos slides and whitepapers etc. will be the bandwagon for this web development age. People are going to remain more tech-savvy, prefer media share for more reliability, information, worthy and excellent experience.

  1. Center Website In Non-Scrolling Width

People going to love to scroll up down but side scrolling will look clumsy. Pick a site layout, centrally visible with non-scrolling width.

  1. Google Map Unification

Synchronizing the Google map for location will be the finest idea to keep your site up to the trend also will reduce lots of irksome communication and inconvenience in reaching you at destination.

  1. Flat Design or Material Design

A flat design, with real influencer and creativity booster is everlasting swanky. Also, Material design is the most well-define yet ritzy style of web development India. Choose one, best suited to your business.

  1. Rich and Motion Animation

Animation not only attracts the user but provide a nice experience of site. Overly creative animation is not demanded just happening ones will do. The time for animation should not exceed for 300ms. In case of motion animation 3-4 seconds are enough for a shift never exceeding 8 seconds.

  1. Noticeable Text

The trend is shifted from some basic font types and standard text size to creative, rich and eye-catching text. It must be soothing to eyes, matching the theme and encharm the user to read it willingly. You can define different colors and high lightening effects as required.

10.  Slab Based Layout

Grid-ironed motif is another caught on of this era of website development India provided with more nifty and sectioned look of the information.

  1. Speed

The web development outsourcing India is expected to highly consider the size of files and must provide sites with expeditious loading. Even if your content is awesome but it’s too slow to load on view, your site will be skipped by the users and will affect the business as well as the accountability.

  1. Interactivity

While experiencing a site, user must feel like his brain is interacting with someone in person and collecting information. It must be a live site experience than a monotonous one. Last, but not least, at all!!


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