Some Of The Best Website Design Trends Of The Year 2017

Some Of The Best Website Design Trends Of The Year 2017

Some Of The Best Website Design Trends Of The Year 2017

The website design landscape is evolving continuously with a website design company cropping up every minute. There are many modern and fresh ideas coming up every year and the trends for this year should be taken into cognizance.

The Bold Typography

The website design company today is using big bold typography to a great extent. It is being used to anchor the homepages. It works very well when the rest of the page is minimal.

High-Quality Cinemagraphs

Another big website design and hosting trend is high-quality GIFs or videos that run in a continuous and smooth loop known as cinematography. It is very interesting and has become quite popular.

The Experimental Compositions

Eclectic structures have now become the norm in the world of website design and hosting. Many big names in the industry are also making use of collages and overlapping images to create variety and style.

Bright And Gradient

Kaleidoscopic gradients are also becoming popular again in website design 2017. The two tone effect is being used in a manner that is both fresh as well as modern. It is used with a full screen, and a homepage that is gradient washed to make a new impression.

Vivid Colourful Layers

Colour is now being used in staggered and stacked layers to add some texture as well as depth to a very simple layout for a website in website design 2017. Some very stylish yet simple layouts are being created to bring out the colour in websites.

Simple And Straightforward Texts

Some of the websites make use of images that are cut out as well as prominent sections for navigation. They make use of a few lines that are straightforward to inform the visitors about the purpose of the website and the underlying need.

The Trend Of Illustrations

Illustrations have also become a new and major trend with many companies hiring graphic artists and illustrators to work on their websites. Flat designs and minimalist drawings have given way to this new trend to insert a little bit of personal style to the overall design of the website.

The Ultra Minimalist

Classical Minimalism has now been taken to the extreme limit with this new style. The designers are now defying the usual conventions and making websites that are bare except for the necessities. There is a certain aesthetic value that is associated with this style as well.

The Creative Duotone

Duotone is now being used by many websites. It is a pared down and two-toned scheme of colours. It looks very contemporary and cool. It can be minimalist yet colourful and stylish at the same time. It can also add a new dimension to the usual conception of the layout.

Mixing Of Vertical And Horizontal Texts

At times, the horizontal and the vertical texts on the website are being mixed up from its usual alignment. It can help in adding a completely new and refreshing dimension to the usual layout and look of the place. It can turn a simple page into something unique and creative that will attract the audience immediately.

If you would like to add any other points then please mention them in comments.

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