Top 10 Reasons, Why SEO Ranking Starts Degrading

Top 10 Reasons, Why SEO Ranking Starts Degrading

Top 10 Reasons, Why SEO Ranking Starts Degrading

  • Posted: 15 February, 2016
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Being an SEO expert, you are following all the keyword integration and SEO rules, still your page ranking is not as high as you expect it to be on Google SERPs. UPSET??

No need to get demotivated any more. Here are the tips to improve your SEO ranking just by adding up a little more to your efforts and you will see the cherishing results valuing your efforts. Follow the below mentioned and Get high ranks to your page.

  1. Quality content

Google is a user centric service provider who is not supposed to compromise with quality content to reward your efforts. The quality guidelines consist of the informative, fresh, plagiarism free, informative, non-replicating, and comprehensive content.

  1. Multimedia content

The new Google Search Algorithm is focusing more on multimedia content indexing as the user finds it more interactive and comprehensive. Include the info graphics, animation, rich quality images, videos etc. to make your content easily reaching the user, interesting and at the top of the search results.

  1. Google updates

Google is coming with the real time panda and penguin updates. Also, Google is applying the updates in many instances. Make sure you keep up with the Google updates and keep implying it into your SEO practices.

  1. Link building

Avoid making irrelative and recurring links, it’s a big reason your content may get penalized. Prefer making deep links, complementing your content.

  1. Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI can be defined as the co-occurrence or synonyms to the keywords. Latent semantic Indexing directs the search engine to index your content with correctly understanding your perception into the content and it appears most relevant to the searches, ranking on the first page of results.

  1. Front page content

The keywords embraced with the first page content and even at the initial of your content will hike your page visibility on the search engine result pages. It scores more than 75% of the total web pages visible and got clicked on the search engine result pages.

  1. Social media optimization

As Google has indexed the social media and keep doing so for more networking sites, do not miss optimizing your content for social media too.

  1. Keyword placement

Just inserting the keywords in your text is not all what it requires to be on the first page of search results. Use long tail keywords, use them in title, and keep them in the initial 50-60 words of the content. Stay updated with the keywords listed by the search engines.

  1. Freshness of the content

Check have you updated the content for so long? For getting a high ranking on search results it is required that you are updating the content very frequently. Make sure you update the major portion of your content instead of any minor ineffective changes.

  1. Mobile friendly

Be assure that your SEO practices are in-line with the mobile optimization as well. Because more than 80% of internet searches are done on the mobile websites only. If you avoid this, it can be proven a big reason of degrading your ranking.


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