Trending Activities to Follow in Digital Marketing

Trending Activities to Follow in Digital Marketing

Trending Activities to Follow in Digital Marketing

The technology landscape is becoming wider every passing day, and a sound digital marketing strategy will give you that edge provided how well you apply it. The growth of your business sphere depends on how sound you plan the strategy. While 2019 is right around the corner, it is right time to start making moves to set up for the next year.
Top Digital Marketing Companies in Ahmedabad are on a constant lookout for the sturdy strategies, and here are trending activities to follow in the Digital Marketing space:

Customer Experience – Reputable content

The trend which will never fade away is better and smooth customer experience. Keep a watch on how to make it worthwhile.
Neilsen study has stated that the leading trusted advertisement platforms are – Evangelism form known, websites of brands, editorial sites, and customer reviews. Authentic yet valuable content and reputation play a significant role in rising.

Social Media Integration

According to the stats, we have around 1.3 billion users who are active on Facebook in a month; close is the number for WhatsApp. Growing popularity of social media demands the integration of your services to interact with customers directly. The seamless experience will aid your provide better services to a broader group.

AI and chatbots

AI is taking over, and in the long run, it will have a widespread for very good. Gartner report implicates that by 2020, 25% of customer services will be using the chatbots. Order a pizza, or book an appointment, chatbots are more likely to offer a lot without any hassle.

Video Marketing – Creativity

Creatives will never go out of trend, incorporation of video to your digital marketing platform will give an extra edge and moreover, it is very crucial for your customers to get to know you better. And, the good part is now it’s not only restricted to youtube only, but you also have so many digital platforms to promote.
It certainly is going to engage a larger potential customer base via Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This, in turn, will raise a need to understand Youtube SEO for a top marketing company, Ahmedabad.

The Internet is taking over TV

Digital era is on fire with comparatively huge accessibility to the mobile and internet devices. Your customers disburse a lot of their time on the internet now. Internet will steadily take over TV; the backing is simple, you have got everything on the internet what a TV has (content-wise), does the TV has all on the internet?

Voice is rising well

It’s not a product that’s the trend when we talk about smart speakers like Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomePod. According to Social report, 65% of the surveyed voice-controlled assistant owner wouldn’t want to go back to earlier. Well, this opens the door of the whole new scope of advancements and customers for Top Marketing Companies in Ahmedabad.

The success of the activities, also, relies on cutting-edge technology entrants in the market space. Focus on prime customer experience and stay ahead of the curve and make most of the conversions out of smartly-targeted potential customer base.

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