Turn your Hotel Website into a Booking Magnet with these Design Tips

Turn your Hotel Website into a Booking Magnet with these Design Tips

Turn your Hotel Website into a Booking Magnet with these Design Tips

Gone are the days when hotel seekers would pick up their mobile phone and dial your hotel number to book a room. There is an ongoing explosion in the online circuit wherein more and more people are booking hotel reservations from the internet itself before going on a trip or vacation.

The design of your website plays an important role to determine the success of your online brand. It is vital that you include your hotel website as part of your marketing strategy. There are many hotel website design company whose expertise in this field can help you to increase your direct booking conversion rate.

The following tips and tweaks are endorsed and recommended by some of the most proficient website designing experts. Additionally, these tips are accumulated in accordance with the trends of hotel website design 2017. Incorporating the same, will improve your search engine rankings, increase your online presence and especially, will boost your conversion.

Best Hotel Website Design tips that will make your Hotel website a booking magnet.

Retire your Flash-Based site:

Nowadays, Flash-based sites are more often than not seen to be incompatible with most mobile devices. Add to that, Google’s Search Engine crawlers are unable to examine such a site. If both Google and mobile devices are not supporting this multimedia platform, it is best for you to retire your Flash-based hotel site.

Create a Responsive Web Design:

A responsive website is one of the most important and overlooked areas of design. Make sure that the template of your website is compatible with all sorts of screen sizes to give optimal user experience.

A Clear and Precise Menu:

Through your menu pages build an interlink between different pages of your site, to create an effective navigation system. A clear and visible menu gives your users the option to easily and effortlessly navigate your website.

Use Encapsulation Technique:

Use a tunnel vision effect to direct your visitor’s eyes towards the most important part of your site. That part can be your Call to Action, to grab your audience’s attention.

Call to Action:

If you are hoping to boost your direct booking numbers, then you must focus on writing an effective Call To Action on your website’s homepage to encourage visitor actions. You can use a psychological designing technique by keeping the entire page background light and use a contrasting colour on the CTA box to drag attention.

Use Professional Photographs:

Every traveller prefers a visual stimulus through images and videos. This way they get a better idea about your Hotel, instead of reading lengthy descriptions. Make sure to integrate professional photographs of your Hotel into your website.

There are countless other features and tools to enhance the visual aesthetics of your site, but at the same time, it’s important to know which design tweaks are relevant and appealing for your hotel website. The design and interface of your website are the first things your potential customers will see and if they are unable to find or navigate the adequate information, they will take the immediate action of booking elsewhere. Make sure that you integrate the above-mentioned tips on your Hotel design to increase bookings.

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