Ways in which DevOps and Agile are related to each other

Ways in which DevOps and Agile are related to each other

Ways in which DevOps and Agile are related to each other

  • Posted: 13 July, 2017
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Are DevOps and Agile Related in Any Way?

Agile and DevOps work together for deploying working functionality into production at a rapid pace. The purpose is the optimization of the end to end process for creating value for your patron – right from the ideation through the collection of cash. In this article, we will try to cover the key considerations where Agile and DevOps can work hand in hand for expedited delivery. However, it is prudent to have a quick overview of Agile and DevOps terms before we proceed.


Agile is an approach that works towards finding a faster and better alternative to the traditional ways of project management by helping teams promptly respond to the unpredictability throughout the project. Contrary to the Waterfall model, testing is concurrent with development in Agile. Fundamentally, Agile methodology refers to the practice that promotes uninterrupted looping of development as well as testing across the SDLC of a project.  


A portmanteau of developers and operations, DevOps, on the other hand, refers to the practice of development and operations whereby engineers work together throughout the SDLC right from the design to production support. In simple words, DevOps’ meaning is the merger of developers and operations departments in an IT organization for the faster production of viable solutions.

Is it DevOps vs Agile or DevOps and Agile? Let’s Find Out!

What happens in most IT organizations is that during the process of development, support and deployment requirements don’t get their due share of attention as functional requirements are considered most important. Resultantly, surprises spring up during the deployment, disaster recovery and production support processes. With Agile movements, the team of developers makes sure to produce working functionality at every milestone and sprint. However, you’ll have to wait for the completed functionality till the release date.

DevOps facilitates realization of the benefits bestowed by faster delivery of product functionality achieved with the help of Agile system. The best part of this coalition is:

  • The operations team is involved continuously and throughout the process, which fosters a better understanding of the specifications, constraints, limitations and other developmental aspects of the project amongst the ops members as well.
  • DevOps with Agile approach can help the product owners equip with the basic appreciations of non-functional requirements as well as the requirements that are related to the technical aspects of product development, deployment & support platforms, limitations and availability, third-party interfaces and applications that would be needed for the final solutions.
  • Sprint review-with developers and operations team working together; it is obvious that they will review the sprints also together.
  • As Agile and DevOps complement each other, they help the release and business teams plan the calendar of releasing specifying the functionalities and the dates when they will come out.

To conclude, Agile and DevOps may be dissimilar in theory and practice but they can definitely work together to produce better solutions at a rapid pace for businesses.

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